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The spacious and comfortable reception area

Massage Treatment Room

One of the massage rooms


Due to the changes with the COVID- 19 Pandemic we want to ensure yours and our safety is our number one concern.  Procedures entering the clinic will look a lot different.

1. Masking is now optional.

2. When you enter the clinic please dispose of gloves if you are wearing them.

3. Please use the hand sanitizer provided on the front desk and follow instructions based on whether you are here for a Massage Appointment or Chiropractic Appointment.

4. You will be screened again by your practitioner before treatment is started.

5. The clinic environment requires you to respecting social distancing.

6. Methods of payment for massage therapy are Debit and E-transfer.

7. Methods of payment for chiropractic are Debit/Credit.

Thank you for your Cooperation during these unprecedented times.  We will get through this together!

Human health can be described as an experience of well being, resulting from a dynamic balance that involves the holistic integration of the physical, psychological and spiritual dimensions of a person, as well as interactions with their natural and social environments. Human health exists when the innate intelligence of the body can function optimally and unrestricted, and when each person can realize the aspirations they have chosen and strive to actualize their potential.