What is the recovery time frame after a concussion?

The majority of concussion-related symptoms are thought to resolve in a short timeframe (days to weeks); however in some, symptoms may persist for months:

  • Children & adolescents
  • Players who have suffered multiple concussions in a close timeframe
  • Athletes experiencing persistent migraine-like headaches or a high symptom load
  • Athletes with history of migraine, depression, ADHD, learning disabilities or sleep disorders

Why some athletes seem to recover quickly and others do not remains unclear. Even when symptoms resolve quickly it is advisable that a proper gradual return-to-play protocol be carried out. The whole recovery process therefore may take upwards of 3-4 weeks (at minimum) to prevent premature return to sport.

Postconcussion syndrome is a diagnostic term used when symptoms persist for several weeks and sometimes months after the injury. If your symptoms persist beyond 3-4 weeks it is important that you undergo proper medical assessment (or re-assessment) in order to receive the right education and management strategies for your condition.